About Us

About Us


Vision and Mission

To be one of the leading company in Azerbaijan, EPC & building construction and industrial services.

• To provide value added and high-quality engineering, procurement, construction and industrial services in an environmentally compliant, safe and best class-manner.
• To ensure that our human resources are adequate and challenged in a motivated, inventive and positive work environment.
• To always seek out to exceed our customer satisfaction and stakeholder interest.
• Pursue investment opportunities in our core and new innovative businesses.


We in MIRAY MMC continuously improve our approach to safety, quality and environment in all aspects of our company exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We are open, reliable and honest in everything we do seek to achieve the highest levels of professionalism with our customer and with each other.

We trust our employees and encourage, leadership, initiative & innovation, eradicate failure and ensure accountability within the scope.

We treat all the people inside and outside the organization with dignity and respect.

We share experiences, enhance; knowledge, encourage ideas and adoptive greater communication, interact and unity of purpose.

We maintain a strong affinity between us and our community as well as care for the well- being of our employees and their families.




MIRAY is committed to providing continually quality works in the construction of projects for building construction including testing & commissioning.
Our Company implements and maintains a quality of management system to ensuring participation of all employees. We earn our client trust and confidence by consistently providing quality of projects and services at competitive cost and timely completion.

MIRAY employees are responsible for report and correct any quality related issues and ensure an efficient and timely solution.

We committed to continuous improvement of the quality management system and continuously endeavored for excellence with the aim of heightens clients’ satisfaction beyond their expectations.


MIRAY is committed to providing a safe workplace for all employees, clients, suppliers/vendors, contractors and visitors and project sites.
MIRAY will protect people, property, communities, prevent pollution and continuously maintain the building construction standards of safety, health, and an environment in all its operation.

Accordingly, the Company will:

  • Desire all employees and visitors of their health, safety and environment responsibilities and regularly measure their performance.
  • Evaluate, identify and eliminate bad health, safety and environmental impacts of operation any beginning and continue to review the risks and influences, conforming with all applicable legal requirements, laws and regulations that relate to its health and safety & environmental aspects.
  • Convey health, safety and environmental objectives and procedures regularly to employees and all affected parties.
  • Educate employees and provide resources to maintain job capabilities including health, safety & environment responsibility and answerability.
  • Outline and construct facilities utilizing standard best practices to safeguard people, property, and environment.
  • Manage and maintain Company services to assure the health and safety of its employees, clients, suppliers/vendors, contractors and visitors.
  • For emergencies, be ready and other contingencies and prompt respond and efficiently to any accidents or incidents resulting from our projects.
  • An act to report all incidents, appraisal performance and progress of communicating.
  • Ensure to promote off the job health & safety and community awareness.
    Review, investigate, take action and improve the Company’s health, safety and environment program and performance continuously.